Wilm Hosenfeld

Wilm Hosenfeld was a man who found the actions of his fellow officers and soldiers despicable. During the time he was an officer he took positive action to help the Jewish people that he came into contact with. Each one of his acts of goodness saved some Jewish people from death and gave these individuals a future, a future in which one man - a pianist could write a book that would profoundly affect thousands of readers around the world.

If nothing else, Hosenfeld teaches us that our acts of kindness towards people can have enormous impacts in ways we cannot imagine.

After reading the extracts of Hosenfeld's diaries you begin to see a gentle man who thinks deeply; a man who could see the wrong in the actions of those around him, a man who did not accept the actions of brutality and madness that he was surrounded by. He struggles with many questions that we are still asking now regarding the horrors of the holocaust.

You can find out exactly what happened to Hosenfeld and Spzpilman by watching the film and reading the book.

You can also visit the Hosenfeld website at Hosenfeld.de - it was a wonderful experience to see this site created by his grandson Friedal Hosenfeld, especially after reading the book and extracts of Wilm's diary.

If you would like to learn more about the book please visit www.szpilman.net


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