1st May 2006

Harkit records are planning planning a special limited release of music from Polanski’s “Repulsion”. This will not be available until the end of the year.

Model tells all about Roman

Wife of Roman Polanski, Emmanuel Seigner, right, and Debra Tate arrive
at the High Court Central London.
photo Credict: AP Photo

Roman Polanski's response to the verdict

"It goes without saying that, whilst the whole episode is a sad one, I am obviously pleased with the jury's verdict," said Polanski, who turns 72 next month.

"Three years of my life have been interrupted. Three years within which I have had no choice but to relive the horrible events of August 1969, the murders of my wife, my unborn child and my friends.

"Many untruths have been published about me, most of which I have ignored, but the allegations printed in the July 2002 edition of Vanity Fair could not go unchallenged."

He said the memory of his late wife "was at the forefront of my mind in bringing this action", as he thanked those who testified on his behalf, including his present wife, the French actress Emmanuelle Seigner.

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